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“I am officially an author,” I said to my wife.

This happened on January 30, 2017. A remarkable day, to say the least.

The aftermath: Weird, but true: 

After my book was out, for weeks I couldn’t write, anything. Because I was “done”. I was “done-done”.

When my wife would ask me to respond to emails, I would say something like “I don’t know how to write anymore… I’m done writing.” Even texting was difficult. Voice notes were in.

My tired fingertips(which now had an imprint of the keyboard letters) needed a break, especially after the effort that was put into writing over time. They desperately needed a new partner.

The search was on.

It didn’t take very long to find a suitable match for my tired fingers.

The TV remote!

Netflix, Hulu, VOD, Amazon Prime… and many more got the run for their money. The remote controller was now on the wanted list. My 20 month old daughter continued to use it like a phone, while my son continued with his habit of checking its batteries each day, and so it was on a timeshare.

“Binge” became my favorite word – very fast. Great, right?


This cool relationship did not last very long.

Going from a fountain pen to a keyboard was not difficult, but going from a keyboard to a remote, even for a few days was… a real bummer.

My fingers had to get back with its old partner.

Days later I sat in my comfortable chair once again, and I wrote (Like someone learning to walk once again).

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See you around.