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With two over-sized suitcases filled with presents for my family, I headed towards home on Christmas eve. Unbeknownst to me, I was walking towards the path of destruction.

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This was the year I died. It was also the year when I started to live, once again.

This was the year when I began to write about the ordeal that had become my identity. What I didn’t know was that the story which I had started to write was still unfolding.

What prompted me to write my story, was that most people that I met after the incident, were curious to know how I did what I did. People wanted to know details about my struggle. And most of all, people I knew wanted to know how I managed to stay happy after a catastrophic incident in my life.

An excerpt of my book is availablehere

Choosing Light



  1. Dear SandeepJi,

    It is wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for sharing a great memory from those days.
    Yes, my dad had always been fond of cars, and he was fond of keeping the cars in such a condition that everyone would notice. Often, at the service stations, the foreman told him that his car was extremely clean, and that it would get dirty if -they- cleaned it.

    I recently spoke to Reddy uncle, he was remembering those days in Raipur, and about how Dad had delivered the car and gotten him a choice registration number.

    Wonderful days…

  2. Dear viral
    I met Sh J.P. Dalal Twice, Once in December 1988, while at Raipur, I saw a gentleman washing a brand new blue colored Maruti 800 in our office, 28, Devendra nagar. I inquired and found that he is sh Dalal and is from our Bhopal Office, the new car is of sh Ch R.K. Reddy my boss. Dalal sahab has come to Raipur for the delivery of the car, than a prized one, and was washing it himself with his pant and shirt folded.
    Next it was either 1995 or 1996 , he was at Jaipur in connection with a UPSC interwiew, I invited Dalal sahab and Reddy sahab to my house for dinner. My wife was out and I cooked for three of us. We were together for three- four hours.
    Sandeep Vidyarthi
    CGWB, ahmedabad

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