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The other day when I was travelling to work:

The weather wasn’t great, and I was running late due to heavy traffic. To me, the traffic on I-495 beltway feels like the whole world wants to circle around Washington D.C. all day.

“Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman was playing in the background. It made me think about my days in the high school, and the Grammy’s that year.

Minutes later I took an exit towards Washington D.C. and stopped at the red light. I usually don’t look around when I stop at a traffic signal, but I did this time because this shiny, black sports car was being driven in a rather unusual manner.

The gentleman inside the car looked at the red light, banged the steering wheel a few times. Then he looked at it again and shook his head and mumbled something. Then he looked at me and shook his head, again. He then honked a few times, though the lights were still red. It was evident that he was in a hurry and was upset.

After the light turned green I made a turn, and saw that car fading away in the rear view mirror. Continuing to listen to the music, I reached my work place.

Later that day while I was with one of my colleagues during lunch, I observed that his day wasn’t going well either. He spoke about the bad weather, and then about how crummy the food was at the local joint, then about the awful traffic, and a few other things that were bothering him. He sounded very unhappy.

That morning during the rush hour I was running late, too. I had challenges at work, too. I sat in the same traffic just like others, and the weather was no different for me either. And yes, I have a toddler at home who asks me to dance and run with him as soon as I enter home.

After returning home that day, it only made me think about why people were so upset. What was everyone really so upset about?

For me the little things in life gives me a lot of pleasure. I can wake up in my comfortable bed. Get something accomplished during the day. Play a little. Learn a little. Eat a little (sometimes more). Laugh a lot (more++), and do something meaningful each day.

I often think about the time when I was inside the concrete coffin, trapped for days without food, water, light, movement, or any possibility of living another day. And then, I can’t help but think about why people are so upset…with their perfect lives. Where is the problem?

In this day and age, a traffic light that doesn’t turn green fast enough can ruin your entire day.

Some of you do know about my life experience. And for what I have been through, I could have easily chosen to gripe until eternity. But, I made the choice of seeing life from a different perspective, and I Chose to be Happy.

For me, focusing on things like the traffic light or the other “little pains” of life is a big waste of time.

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