With ceiling precariously hanging inches above my body, I was trapped for days underneath tons or rubble, without any food, water, light or movement, and with a limited supply of air. All I wanted was to find my family...

My name is Viral Dalal. I am an Information and Technology professional, a mentor, and the author of Choosing Light.

"Life teaches you things. One of them is to never give up."

- Viral Dalal.

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About My Story

There is something inside us all, that tells us things, sends us signals, and guides us. This sense is always at work, giving us cues.

Even though there was no one who told me that I was going to survive, I somehow knew that I was going to be okay.


“When you are not your own enemy, and when you have a strong will, you look beyond what is considered impossible.”

Viral Dalal

Choosing Light - Top 10 inspirational books

Sahjanand Tower – Bhuj

I was found alive, when people had lost hope. There was not a scratch on me. I was called a Miracle.




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