Actually… I am sure


After quite a long time my Wife and I went out for a movie. After our Son’s birth in 2012, going out for a movie is not even on the wish list.

Leaving our 3 year old with the grandparents, we reached the movie theatre. The movie had rave reviews and so we thought that it was not going to be a waste of our time.

So, he first 45 minutes of the movie went slow. You know the feeling, when you start thinking that something has to happen in the movie for it to become exciting. And so I was waiting for the movie to take that turn.

Within the next few minutes:

“Viral, I think we are going to have a baby by tomorrow” my wife whispered to me. (Did I tell you that she was pregnant?)



“Yes, I think so… Actually… I am sure.”

I went numb for a few moments. I couldn’t hear the next few dialogs from the movie. Really.

“Let’s go to the hospital then!” I said.

“But… I want to watch the movie…Viral.”

I couldn’t believe her, but then she convinced me that she knew that it didn’t seem like an emergency(yet). And so, we watched the next 15 minutes of the movie(Yes, I know, I know. Believe me) after which we decided to leave for home, and then for the hospital from there.

We reached the hospital around 2:00 AM. And as expected, within the next 15 minutes the nurses in the triage room confirmed that she was indeed experiencing labor pains. The next 3 hours went by quickly(While my wife still wondered that we could have completed the movie).

Only a few minutes after 5:30 AM, I experienced something that I have no words to describe.

I met my Daughter.

I saw my Daughter take her very first breath.

miracle boy - inspirational story My Daughter and I

This wasn’t the first time when I had witnessed a child birth. I had been through this experience when my son was born. And yet again, I was in awe.

The feeling of holding a breath-old infant can only be experienced. No pictures or videos can ever describe that feeling.

It feels wonderful to write here and share the happiness with you all. I am a part of my Mother and my Father… And now, with me, is a part of Them.



P.S. Thank you Margi for being a truly amazing Mother!

We will go out for a movie soon.


  1. Oh my god
    what an experience!
    I am sooooo happy for you guys n I am sure that both of you are perfect parents. Your daughter will make your home paradise with her brother arjun.
    Congratulations for having a complete family by gods grace.
    Margi we r eagerly waiting for all three of you.
    Come soon.

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