Sahjanand Towers. Bhuj, India

A picture of the building where our family stayed, the day the earthquake struck.Two wings of the building crashed to the ground, separating rest of the wings.

Sahjanand Towers. Bhuj, India

This picture was taken a few days after the earthquake.The first two floors of the building were crushed, and laid below ground level. I was pinned under the 40+ foot rubble of steel and concrete.

Rescue operation by International Rescue Corps (IRC).

4½ days after the earthquake, I was rescued after about an hour of digging by the incredible IRC team.

“I’m perfectly fine…”

“I don’t want to go the hospital, because I first have to find my family”

Rescue operation by International Rescue Corps(IRC).

After being rescued, I was sent to the make-shift hospital for a checkup.I returned to the site in about half an hour to find my family.

Awaiting rescue of my family. 6 days after the earthquake.

The night after I was rescued, I sat nearby, waiting, while the heavy machinery was shut down due to lack of light.

Vacation with the family, Ooty lake, Ooty, India.

Good times with the family.From left: My Mother, Roshan (my brother), I and my Father.

Leaving for the U.S. Aug. 1999.

The day when I left for the United States, for further studies. A proud moment for my parents.I returned to India during the winter break. That was when the earthquake struck.

My little nephew Shalin. Celebrating his 2nd birthday.

My little nephew Shalin’s Birthday celebration. A picture from the time when I was in the U.S.In the picture : Jaishree (my sister-in-law), Roshan, and Shalin


A childhood picture of Roshan and I(left).

My Son and I

On a safari, shouting at the American Bison.