Anokhi’s FIRST Birthday!

Today Anokhi completed her VERY FIRST revolution around the sun.

From the day that Anokhi was born, until her FIRST Birthday today, each passing day has brought us bounteous pleasure. And this little graph of beautiful pleasures continues to rise.

After Anokhi was born, I went out, with my son Arjun, to buy some presents for this tiny little thing (No – we didn’t know whether we were going to have a boy or a girl). I thought buying presents was going to be easy, and so did Arjun. Well… we had no clue what we were getting into.

We spent a few hours at the kids store, and I repeatedly found myself browsing in the boys section (My inner GPS was all confused). I looked for check shirts, denim wear, cars and trucks for the new born baby, and I couldn’t find any of that in the girl section. And so, finally, I picked up a boatload of pink stuff with flower prints, and went back to the hospital.

Mission accomplished.

Margi appreciated my undertaking, and calmly told me this:

– We need to return all of this, Viral. You got similar looking clothes, and all of them are of the same size.

And so, most of the pink and glittery stuff went back to where it came from.

Coming from a family of boys, the learning curve was steep, but within the last one year I happened to learn a few things here and there(Thanks Margi!). The glitter and the colors like peach and pink are making their way into our home.

The First person that came to my mind when Anokhi was born, happened to be my mother. She loved baby girls, she loved to dress them up, and always wished that she had a baby girl.

Anokhi is the FIRST baby girl in our family. And today, we are celebrating her FIRST Birthday.

Anokhi is a part of my mom, and her wish.

It is a pleasure to share this moment with you all.